Are You Tired Of Not Being Able To Wear The Sexy Clothes You Desire Just Because of Excess  Flesh and Fat on Your Belly?

Do you desire to have that curvy shape that Men trip for?

You have tried everything but yet no results to show for it?

No! You've not tried everything yet 


What if I showed You a proven Secret that is guaranteed to help you get that Sexy Shape In No Time 

And I don't mean Just anything!  

     I Mean A tested and trusted way that Many Celebrities Use 

Infact You Would Think It's Magic When You See The Before And after Picture Below

This is the exact same secret used by most celebrities to maintain that sexy curves even after Child birth


Don't you ever wonder how it seems that every female celebrity you know NEVER goes out of shape even after Child birth like other women. Talk about Mercy Johnson, Annie Macaulay, Kim Kardashian, Chacha Eke, Etc.


These women have found a proven solution that works wonders in creating that perfect curves every woman desire.


It is this same solution that I and over 1500 Nigerian women have now put to use inorder to Get a perfect hour glass shape


You Are Next!"

You need this solution if:

  • You have been battling with potruding belly that has defied all solutions, You want to eliminate it.

  • You have lost a serious relationship or your Man is complaining seriously about your big tummy.

  • You want to be able to wear tight fitting sexy clothes without getting embarassed by your bulging stomach

  • You want to get a thinner waist so that  your Hips and Butt will be  more pronounced to give you that sexy look.
  • You lost your "Sweet Shape" due to child birth and you can't wait to get it back.

  • You have done all sorts of Push ups and sit ups to get a flat tummy all to no avail.

  • An most Finally, If You are tired of not being attractive enough. Of not being that lady your man would gladly show off anywhere anytime

This is for You!

Imagine the dramatic result Kim Kardashian got within 4 weeks after delivery

Or the awesome curves on Mercy Johnson even after 3 Kids?

It works in all cases! 

I Know You Are Eager To Know What this secret Is. 

Well It's no secret at all, at least since you have made it to this page. It is that simple tool that can turn ANY LADY into the super shapy Model in no time.

It's No Magic!



I know that like me, you must have heard about waist training, You may  have even bought fake ones and have since given up on anything "Shape wear"

I did give up on it too, I resolved to find out how the likes of Omotola Jalade and Mercy Johnson have used it to maintain their curves even after going through Pregnancy and  child delivery

Very Recently, Our own  Beautiful Omotola Jalade (Omosexy) took to instagram with pictures of her waist training (see below)

I decided at once that I was going to embark on this Waist Training journey and trust me, it has been one of my best decisions so far

Here's What a High compression 100% Latex Waist Trainer Looks Like

High Compression 100% Latex Waist trainer with 9 steel bones

I did further research and found that every woman can have that mind blowing  curvy shape with a waist trainer

  • We fail to understand that big tummy is  as a result of accumulated fat in the stomach region among other factors which a perfectly made waist trainer would correct
  • Our bodies need to be trained to be the way we want them to be. That is why if you have a big foot, you are adviced to wear shoes to train/ tame it.
  • For women that had been pregnant, It took 9 Months of a child growing inside you to make your belly protrude that much. So it's only Logical that you need external pressure to bring it back to shape
  • Exercise alone would never do this for you. Weight loss pills will always do more harm than good.
  • A steel boned latex waist trainer/corset not only trains your body to take that "figure 8" shape you want, but increases the core body temperature around your stomach so that the fat stored there is burned.
    And here you don't risk developing any chronic ailments in the end.
  • And contrary to what you may have heard, a Well made Steel - boned Latex waist trainer is much healthier than any other means of losing belly fat.This same technique was used by women in the 19th century to keep perfectly curvy bodies.

The Result is Permanent!

It's not like Girdles that once you remove them your belly potrudes again. 

Our Original Waist Trainers are made from 100% Natural latex that offers compression that will mould your body perfectly into that curve you desire


Zero Side effects!


I want you to Imagine Yourself in the Next Few weeks, Standing infront of the mirror admiring your own curves.

Imagine the Look on your friends Faces When they Notice Your Transformation

It' Priceless!

See What our Customers Are Saying

Testimony 1
  • It is high time you knocked off that ugly belly fat that keeps you from wearing the sexy clothes of your choice.
  • You too can look as sexy as those celebrities,and  as I look today even after having my second baby.

  • There is absolutely nothing stopping you from being that lady that catches the admiration of everyone

This is what our Latex waist trainers will do for you

  •  Our waist trainer gives you an INSTANT curvy shape from the first day you wear it
  • It effectively tucks in all the back fat and "Spare tyres" on your belly and completely depletes them overtime
  • The steel Boned waist trainer effectively corrects your posture, helps you to stand and walk elegantly
  • You can wear it under any dress without showing
  • It shapes your mid section so that your hips becomes more pronounced no matter how small you already think it is and also gives your bust an amazing lift.
  • It is perfect for recovering your flat belly after pregnancy.

This may sound too simple, but it is infact the most cost and time effective way anyone can acquire and maintain the perfectly shapy body of their dreams.

Much cheaper and safer than going through a liposuction (Cosmetic surgery)

Infact this is no longer a secret within the celebrity circles both within and outside Nigeria.

It has been featured in many celebrity gossip blogs both locally and internationally.

Infact this one below as featured on the popular Linda Ikeji's Blog will blow your mind.

So you can see this is proven, and you'd be surprised at how many of these celebrities use it to keep a very "Sumptious" back side.

See  what our customers have to say


This other woman was so impressed that she asked to become our distributor in Osun state [see extract from our chat below]

This is Just a few of the testimonies we receive everyday, the ones we have permission from the customer to share (we respect our customers privacy) ......... Your testimony  is next.

Truth be told............

Not all waist trainers will give you this result. Some people actually peddle "Girdles" in the name of Waist trainers.

So in essence the perfect waist trainer that will yield maximum result must be

  • Made from 100% Latex
  • Have Steel Bones (About 9)
  • Be thin enough not to show beneath your dress
  • Be long enough to cover your entire Mid section
  • And ofcourse be adjustable

                                 Here's what I mean in a nut shell

Here's what our customers have to say about quality:

And these other customers too:


I know by now you must be thinking, " Okay Yuzzy, how Do I get this all round solution?"

Generally, ordering an Original Latex Waist Trainer will cost close to $80, which is about N36000, with this current exchange rate.

But not to worry I have done all the Job for you. I have ensured that you will get the best quality Waist Trainer at the best price by Liaising with top manufacturers to import it in bulk..

So for a limited time You will not be paying N36,000; not Even N30,000. 

I could easily charge N25,000 and yet  have many  people who know the quality begging to have it (If u doubt this, head to our facebook page with over 13,000 likes and see for yourself)

So for a limited stock, we will give out each of our 100% Latex Waist Trainer for Just



Yes  Everything for  N20,000

It Gets Even Better..........

The first 20 Persons to Place their order will get the following as a bonus

Belly Slimming Wonder Patch

Like the name implies, It is WONDERFUL.  Me,  I call it MAGICAL

This patch is applied on the tummy,so it doesn't interfer with your natural body metabolism. 

You just paste it on your belly and wear for 4-8 hours per day, it's most comfortable at Night and before you are done with it , you will be surprised at what result you'll get.

The natural ingredients (Sophori coside, Salicornia herbacea, Capsaicin, Catechin, Caffeine) permeates the skin by a natural process of ionic transfer and breaks down fat and removes toxins from the blood stream.

It is completely safe and has the approval of the U.S.A food and drug administration (FDA)

Each pack contains 5 patches. 

This patch is safer and more effective than all the fat loss pills you probably have used (am talking from experience here)

And the best part is.......Am giving this Product valued at N4,000 to you as a BONUS when you get our waist trainer, you try it and bring your testimonies.


To make your results Even Faster,

Once the promo is over, It will cost anybody N7,000 to lay hands on this cream.

The next 10 persons to order for the Waist trainers will get our Original Body Slimming Gel (Pasjel) sourced directly from Thailand. This is a natural cream. I call it small but mighty, you will know why when you lay your hands on the body slimming gel.

This Cream is goes for N7000 but we shall give it FREE to the first 10 orders

This is actually a one time offer. And mind you, this offer is only available for a limited time. Don't Miss this Chance for anything in the world

Hear from People who have Bought  The Slimming Gel from us so far

We covered some names and faces due to privacy concerns of the customers

This is the wonderful Value You Get for free If you take action NOW and Order Our 100% Latex waist trainer

(Worth 47000)

100% Pure Latex waist trainer   = 36,000

Belly Slimming Wonder Patch  = N 4,000

Pasjel Stretch Marks Removal Cream= N7,500  

TOTAL                                     N47,000

But For You = N20,000

Yes, You're Getting All of this for N20,000 Only For a limited time

This Book "Saggy breast no more" outlines Natural ways to :

  • Boost your breast size to look more sexy and attractive
  • Firm your breast so it does not sag
  • Generally care for your breast to keep you ever healthy and beautiful
  • Things to do to ensure your breast doesn't sag due to child birth or  breast feeding
  • No need for surgeries!
  • No need for breast implants which are both dangerous and costly (You'll need to spend upwards of 800k yearly to maintain it)
  • 100% natural and cheap solutions

Every woman needs this because at one point in a woman's life, she faces this problem of saggy breast. Yours may be now or later on in life.

You can't continue to take all the side talks about "Fallen breasts".

You can't lose all your self confidence over something that has a solution. No you can't.

You've got to do something about it right away.

This e book will help you do just that!

"Saggy Breast No More" was peer reviewed by over seven renowned cosmetologists and plastic surgeons and has been tipped as one of the best home remedy books in the market


Now this book costs a whooping $19.99, thats about N8,000 here. But for you our esteemed customer, you will get yours completely FREE When you order for our waist trainer pack and  recieve it.

Sweet Right?

Now some bad news.......

The bad News is that we cannot guarantee that the price will remain this Low. This is because of the unpredictable rise of Dollar against the Naira.

Again we can only afford to give the Bonus Body Slimming Gel worth N7000 to the first 10 people to order. So Don't postpone it, Order today

Mind you that Thousands of people are reading this same information right now, and are more than willing to lay their hands on our product.

This is not some marketing gimmicks, You can verify by visiting our facebook page and see how many people ready to pay for this awesome offer. 

Beware Of Fakes!

Don't waste your money on substandard products. It is actually better not buying at all than buying something that will not work for you, something that won't last.

Order now to get Premium quality!


We give you a 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

                         No Questions asked! No hard feelings

It gets even better:

We understand how tough it is to trust people online due to  wide spread scam. So we are giving you an option of Paying on Delivery. So you only Pay 20,000 Naira to the courier service Man that will bring it to your address.

Delivery is also free for Fast action takers like you

How to Order.......

To Get our waist trainer Delivered to your door step, You may click the "Place Your Order Now" button at the bottom of this page to order on our website.


Do you want to order on Whatsapp? Click Here To Order On Whatsapp

Please use our size chat below to know your size.

To get your waist size, just use a tailor's tape and measure round your belly, on the belly button area

What are you waiting for? Am Sure you want to get rid of that bulging tummy once and for all.

So Hit the button Below to Place Your Order Now

You're Getting a N47,000 worth of products for Just N20,000.  It can't get Sweeter than this I Assure You!


Ps: More slots are going out as you read this, "Lock in Ur Spot Now!" to claim your bonus offers

Pss: If you are ever going to do something about getting that sexy look you have always wanted, why don't you start now with such a Bumpa offer as this. All these celebrities can't be wrong  at the same time

So you see? you will be doing yourself a great disfavour if you miss this golden opportunity.

PS: This Promo Pack Is Fast Going Off the Shelves, You don't want to miss out!

To your "Figure 8" success
Yuzzy Ezeh

Your Beauty and Fitness Expert

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Call, Text or Whatsapp: 07046389103


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