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You know that the carbohydrates we eat is converted to sugar and excess "sugar" in our body is converted to Fat and stored in our FAT CELLS right?  

 Here’s where it gets interesting.

When you  exercise or you don't eat (when on diet), your system is supposed to signal your fat cells to release some fat so that they will be broken down and used for energy.


Now here’s the problem



Research shows that due to hormonal changes as we grow older, our fat cells increasingly finds it difficult to release fat when called upon to do so.

Just like a fat person, they become lazy and inactive and therefore very reluctant to release fat.

This is not totally a bad thing.

Some of the fat is what is used to form all the "Backside","Boobs" and Curves we flaunt.

However, it becomes excessive with time

And guess where the fats first gets deposited?

The Tummy!, and then other body parts

So after exercising and burning energy, your body needs energy and your fat cells refuses to release any of the fat it’s storing to be used as fuel to power your system.

(This is why you become very hungry after a small workout that you tend to eat double of what you should.)


Your fat cells are immobilized

So what’s the solution?

Simple! Activate the fat cells to be more eager to release fat.


In fact, studies show that when activated, your fat cells are more ready to give out fat than they are to store them.


That means you get to lose fat faster than they build up instead of the other way round.

One way to achieve this fat cell activation is to engage in High Intensity Exercises that helps to breakdown fat and build muscles in it's place.

This is most suitable for men since most women don't want to become muscular.


The better option for women becomes the use of proven Fat/Weight loss techniques that targets the fat cells from the inside as well as from the outside of the body.

These techniques are described in more details on the next page. 

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