Adjustable Hourglass Waist Trainer(Power Belt) + Hot Slimming Gel Combo

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Get perfect hourglass shape with the Genie HourGlass Hot Belt,

Renowned world over for it’s amazing results, this waist belt is very easy to use. Simply wrap around the tummy, strap up and you’re good to go. Now you can begin to feel toned and sexier with the added benefit of lumbar back support.

Perfect for recovering your shape after child delivery
Fully adjustable, it maybe adjusted to fit you more snugly or loosely. No lace or cords present to cause discomfort. It is designed to caress the female body. To ensure absolute comfort please use our Size Chart in determining the right size for your body.

Extremely Versatile – The Genie Hourglass Body Trainer Belt provides excellent lumbar support while creating that nice tight and curvaceous body you desire. It can be worn under garments. It eliminates bulges and smoothens. It can be worn during your normal day to day routines, simply awesome.

High Quality, Hassle free Maintenance – Easy to clean and easily storage


Hot Chilli Slimming Gel:

It is derived from a most unique formula, helps burning fats, accelerates the metabolism and slimming and effectively minimizing the appearance of slackened skin due to water retention, tiredness and weight gain, weight loss and aging.

Contains Extracts Of Natural Fat Burning compounds namely

1. Natural red pepper oil
2. Natural propolis
3. Natural ginger extract
4. Seaweed essence
5. Carbopol
6. Tea
7. Water,

It is easily absorb to the skin and burn the fats and tone the unwanted fats.
Slimming gel contains natural red chili oil, which are good for slimming effect.
It promotes lymphatic circulation and fat burning while smoothing the skin with cellulite problem.
Easily absorbed gel, leaving skin feeling warm and soft.
How to use it:
1. After bath or shower,squeeze a small amount over at your palm.
2. Massage from the bottom up into the target areas that you want to slim down.You’ll feel hot after 15 minutes.
3. Do not have to wash it off.
4. Apply day & night and six consecutive days for the best result.
5. Rinse your hands after applying the gel.
6. May be used together with Hot Shaper Pants or Cami Hot For Excellent Result

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