Are You Tired of Not Being Able To Wear The Sexy Clothes You Desire Just Because of Excess  Flesh and Fat on Your Belly?

Do you desire to have that curvy shape that Will Make You The Point Of Attraction Anywhere?


You didn't know that was possible right?

You're not alone. In fact very many ladies don't know either.

I can guarantee you that by the time you finish reading this post, you'll agree that this is the best thing you've read in a long time.


Because it will give you the power to get to say goodbye to your big bulging tummy forever and you get to decide just exactly how curvy or slim you want to look without having to spend forever working out or starving yourself.


But then like I have always said, this information is not for everyone.


Heck let's be honest, it's not for most people! 

Some ladies have become comfortable with their being out of shape and have resigned to fate. 

They have resorted to self pity and have settled for less when it comes to what they look like.

It's their life to live afterall!

So no qualms!

I don't think you're that loser! Not you my friend, You know better

That's why you're here.


By the way what I'm about to reveal to you is not hearsay or something I think will work.

It is something I know that for certain it works.

Because I Have Been There.

I know exactly how it feels to suddenly not be able to wear all the clothes you would love to wear.

  • You go shopping and all the nicest clothes you pick are either undersized or would be so tight it make you tummy protruded and ugly.
  • And you have to settle for the shapeless and not-so-cool clothes made for the plus sized.
  • Let me not talk about how embarassing it is hanging out at the beach, or removing your clothes when you're with your man.
  • Those side comments he makes jokingly. They're not all jokes sister

Oh you think he doesn't mind? I bet you he's already complaining.

Well, Maybe not to you, maybe to his friends, or colleagues, or "the other girls" outside.

You can either spend your time and resources making excuses as to why your tummy has become so big, changing your clothes and buying oversized ones.

Or you can simply follow a simple tested and trusted solution that works. 

But then I have this feeling you're smart.

You know exactly what's good for you and you go for it.

That's why you're reading this right?


 Here's Some Proof to What I'm Saying

Result After 4 Weeks over 10kg and 8 Inches tummy fat

This result was gotten in just 4 weeks

No other means can deliver such an amazing result in such a short time frame with "Absolutely No Side Effects"

Here's How It Works


You know that the carbohydrates we eat is converted to sugar and excess "sugar" in our body is converted to Fat and stored in our FAT CELLS right?  

 Here’s where it gets interesting.

When you don't eat or you workout, your system is supposed to signal your fat cells to release some fat so that they will be broken down and used for energy .


Now here’s the problem


Yes, research shows that as we grow older (usually from 25 upwards) our fat cell increasingly finds it difficult to release fat when called upon to do so.

Just like a fat person, they become lazy and inactive and therefore very reluctant to release fat.


So after exercise, your body needs energy and your fat cells refuses to release any of the fat it’s storing.

(This is why you become very hungry after a small workout that you tend to eat double of what you should.)


Your fat cells are immobilized

So what’s the solution?

Simple! Activate the fat cells to be more eager to release fat.


In fact, studies show that when activated, your fat cells are more ready to give out fat than they are to store them.


That means you get to lose fat faster than they build up instead of the other way round.

You’ll agree with me that’s the only realistic way to completely get rid of extra fat without having to work hard for months.

To achieve a perfect result, you'll have to burn the fat from the inside as well as from the outside AT THE SAME TIME.

Very Important!

 And that's exactly What the products in the Hourglass Figure Pack do.

They work together to remove the two kinds of fat that build up in the body.

 Your body stores Subcutaneous and Visceral fat, both of which add inches to your waistline and your body in general.

Subcutaneous fat are the ones just under your skin (outside) and you can grasp it with your fingers.

Visceral fat stows away deep in your abdomen around your organs (Inside). 

The Hourglass Figure Pack is a combination of 4 premium products.

Two of the products target the Visceral fat while the other two target subcutaneous fat and MUST BE USED TOGETHER FOR BEST RESULTS.


The Hourglass Figure Pack (HGF Pack)

The HGF Pack is made up of 4 Highly Potent Product:

{1 & 2} Original Latex Waist Trainer + Slimming Gel

These two work from the outside.

The Latex waist trainer  is widely recognized by prominent celebrities, such as Mery Johnson, Omotola etc.

It has made it’s name as the famous “BODY MAGIC” as a result of the magical manner in which it works (If you get the original )

Fabricated with Pure Latex:

  • It offers firm compression while molding the shape of your body over time.


  • It increases the core body temperature around you tummy so that fat cells are immobilized and degraded.
  • It effectively tucks in all the back fat and "Spare tyres" on your belly and completely depletes them overtime.

  • The steel Boned waist trainer effectively corrects your posture, helps you to stand and walk elegantly.
  • You can wear it under any dress without showing.
  • It shapes your mid section so that your hips becomes more pronounced no matter how small you already think it is and also gives your bust an amazing lift.
  • It is perfect for recovering your flat belly after pregnancy.

The Body Slimming Hot Gel Helps To Facilitate The Fat Burning Effect of The Waist Trainer

Its special Formulation will make you Burn Fats at Specific areas of the body such as Tummy fats, Thighs fat, Back fat/Bulge.
Effectively minimizing the appearance of slackened skin due to water retention, tiredness and weight gain, weight loss and aging.

Contents and Functions:

It is derived from a most unique formula, helps burning fats, accelerates the metabolism and slimming.

Contains Extracts Of Natural Fat Burning compounds namely:

Natural red pepper oil, Natural propolis, Natural ginger extract, Seaweed essence, Carbopol, Tea, Water.


(2) The 28 Days Detox Flat Tummy Tea

Made with a combination of Ancient Chinese Herbs namely: Cassia sead, lotus leaf, Oolong and Moringa

These Very potent Herbs have been used by the Chinese for over 400 years to fight Obesity.

And the formular for this tea has been patented in the entire Asia due to it's efficacy.

Here's what it does:

  • Gently Detoxifies – The 28 Day Teatox performs a general Cleansing and Purificaation of The Body.
  • Activates inactive fatty cells thereby releasing fats which are then eliminated in the Detox process. 
  • Helps Boost Your Metabolism and Energy Level. So you're able to burn most of the sugars you take in
  • Eliminates Bloating – Helps eliminate bloat to achieve a fit figure. Aid Your Digestion to Help Relieve Excessive Bloating.
  • NATURAL APPETITE SUPPRESSANT – Aids In Naturally Suppressing Appetite so you don't eat much.

{3} The Belly Slimming Mymi Wonder Patch

This one Is Called Wonder Patch for a reason!

It is one of the most successful patents in Asian medicine. 

Made from Rare Korean herbs- (Sophori coside, Salicornia herbacea, Capsaicin, Catechin, Caffeine) permeates the skin by a natural process of ionic transfer and breaks down fat and removes toxins from the blood stream.

This patch is safer and more effective than all the fat loss pills you probably have used (am talking from experience here)


And the good thing is it goes straight into the fat cells without having to be first digested in the stomach so it works pretty fast

Here's a Some More Testimonies


I want you to Imagine Yourself in the Next Few weeks, standing in front of the mirror admiring your own curves.

 Again, imagine what would happen if you don't take this seriously and start working on yourself NOW.

Imagine the Look on your friends Faces When they Notice Your Transformation. 

Imagine you wearing those Dinner gowns and looking sexy in them.

Like you can finally stop worrying about fat for once


As soon as I found “What Works”, I started getting serious results that I couldn’t hold back the secrets to myself.

First I introduced my sister, then my friends followed and then my customers.


But before I could introduce it to more people, there was a problem I needed to solve first.


The Cost!

Because we bought the different products from different countries, it was very expensive.

The waist trainer alone from the USA cost me about $80 (Almost N30,000) to buy and ship to Nigeria (For Original Kim Kardashian Grade).


The Original Flat tummy Tea Made with first grade natural ingredients from the Chinese Fujian Mountains costs about N14,000 to import one bag (28 sachets).


The Slimming gel (Chinese) and Belly Slimming wonder patch(Korean) costs about N10,000 each.


So the total bundle costs me and my friends a total of about N64,000.


The good news is, you WON’T spend even close to this money to get yours!

Even though this price is nothing compared to the result it delivers, I understand that it would be easier for more people to get it if I could get the manufacturers to lower the price.


So we liaised with the different manufacturers and got a sweet deal that has made over 429 ladies able to use  this breathtaking product with out breaking the bank.


We only got 450 pieces, out of which 429 has been taken at the moment within a space of 2 weeks

By the morning of today

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

One More Thing Please!

You MUST NOT Get This Solution From Us

The Aim Of this post Is not To sell you anything.

Far from It!

The Aim of this Post Is to Educate You Of Something That Works  99.9% Of The Time.

Something that can help you finally get rid of your protruding tummy and get the Sexy Look You have always wanted.


"However, for people who can't wait to get started, We have helped them take away all the stress of waiting and excess cost of importing the different products from their different countries of origin."


And When The Current Stock is Exhausted, I can't Guarantee that you'll Ever get them at such a ridiculous price again!


Before we talk about the massive discount you'll get, let me show you the extra benefit you'll get

First You'll get "The Exact Blueprint" of how to best combine them to achieve optimal results.

  • What time of the day and how best to administer each of the items in the pack.
  • What and What to do to quicken the rate at which you'll get results
  • The Various Mistakes People make With The various products and how not to make the same mistakes. 

Then The Bonuses!

Bonus #1: I'll use my personal money to ship the complete pack worth N64,000 to you that's free delivery and Payment on Delivery

This is a very risky thing to do.

But because I'm passionate about letting every lady get this solution, we'll take the risk.

We are risking way billing the goods worth N64,000 PLUS Shipping Free worth N3,000 all for YOU! 

Bonus #2To further ensure you get the desired result, I’m giving you a 2nd FREE Gift (worth $25,000).

While you’re using the Hourglass Figure Pack, you can also call Hourglass secrets hotline for any issue, where you can ask ANY QUESTION on any issues you have pertaining beauty and personal care.

We usually charge N25,000 consultaton fees but for you is FREE!

Bonus #3Instant Access to Our Secret VIP Customers Club! (Value: N50,000 Per Year)

When you get into our VIP Customer Membership


You’ll get over 50% Discount Offers!


We will PERSONALLY follow up ensure you get your desired result  without side effects!


We will always Give you V.I.P treatment as our customer!

There are only about 21 Packs remaining out of the 450 Packs and they would most likely get exhausted in 24 to 48 hours Max, no jokes.

So for the lucky ones who'll take up this offer before they get exhausted, you will NOT be paying N64,000.

Not even N50,000.

You'll be paying only N32,000. That's a whooping 50% Discount.

But Wait!

Because You're Probably Hearing About This For The First Time and I know you can't wait to have it, We'll give you a One time offer you can't resist


If You order Now, You'll Pay Only N27,500 at the point of delivery

Here's a Recap of what You're Getting For N27,500

100% Pure Latex waist trainer  (Value=30,000)

Belly Slimming Wonder Patch  (Value=N10,000)

28 Days Detox Flat tummy Tea (Value= N14,000)

Pasjel Stretch Marks Removal Cream (Value= N7,000)

Round the clock consultation Access (Value = 25,000)

Body Slimming Gel (Value= N10,000)

VIP Ticket to Our Inner Circle(Value= N50,000/yr)

Saggy Breast No More E-book (Value=N7,500)


TOTAL                                     N153,500

But For You = N27,500

Yes, You're Getting All of this for N27,500 Only For a limited time

You may ask whether I'm crazy for releasing this very potent solution for that price even when I know it's worth so much more and that people who Genuinely need it will buy.

The truth is Yeah I'm crazy!

The kind of testimonials I get everyday about this product have driven me nuts that I can't think of anything else than to find a way to make it available to more people.

That is why I'm adding Even More Bonuses

Bonus #4: Original Pasjel Stretch Marks Removal Cream

We understand that most ladies fighting this issue of fat belly also have issues with stretch marks.

That is why we have patnered with the major Importers of the original Pasjel  Stretch Marks removing cream in Nigeria to secure Only 10 units of this wonderful cream for promo purposes

Once the promo is over, It will cost anybody N7,000 to lay hands on this cream. That's if you're lucky to get the original

It Get Even Better

Bonus #5: Saggy Breast No More E-book

This Book "Saggy breast no more" outlines Natural ways to :

  • Boost your breast size to look more sexy and attractive
  • Firm your breast so it does not sag
  • Generally care for your breast to keep you ever healthy and beautiful
  • Things to do to ensure your breast doesn't sag due to child birth or  breast feeding
  • No need for surgeries!
  • No need for breast implants which are both dangerous and costly (You'll need to spend upwards of 800k yearly to maintain it)
  • 100% natural and cheap solutions

Every woman needs this because at one point in a woman's life, she faces this problem of saggy breast. Yours may be now or later on in life.

You can't continue to take all the side talks about "Fallen breasts".

You can't lose all your self confidence over something that has a solution. No you can't.

You've got to do something about it right away.

This e book will help you do just that!

"Saggy Breast No More" was peer reviewed by over seven renowned cosmetologists and plastic surgeons and has been tipped as one of the best home remedy books in the market


Now this book costs a whooping $19.99, thats about N7,500 here. But for you our esteemed customer, you will get yours completely

FREE When you order for our Hourglass Figure  Pack and  recieve it.

Sweet Right?

Once Again Here's a Recap of what You're Getting For N27,500

100% Pure Latex waist trainer  (Value=30,000)

Belly Slimming Wonder Patch  (Value=N10,000)

28 Days Detox Flat tummy Tea (Value= N14,000)

Pasjel Stretch Marks Removal Cream (Value= N7,000)

Round the clock consultation Access (Value = 25,000)

Body Slimming Gel (Value= N10,000)

VIP Ticket to Our Inner Circle(Value= N50,000/yr)

Saggy Breast No More E-book (Value=N7,500)


TOTAL                                     N153,500

But For You = N27,500

Yes, You're Getting All of this for N27,500 Only For a limited time

The Result is Permanent!

Unlike most things you'll see elsewhere

Our High Quality Hourglass Figure Pack Gives you a Permanent result 


Zero Side effects!

Don't relax yet!

There are over 16,000 people on our page that are highly interested to get this with thousands of other people on facebook reading this at this exact same time.


  • It is high time you knocked off that ugly belly fat that keeps you from wearing the sexy clothes of your choice.
  • You too can look as sexy as those celebrities,and  as I look today even after having my second baby.

  • There is absolutely nothing stopping you from being that lady that catches the admiration of everyone

Now some bad news.......

The bad News is that we cannot guarantee that the price will remain this Low. This is because of the unpredictable rise of Dollar against the Naira.

Again we can only afford to give the Bonus Pasjel Stretch Mark removal cream worth N7000 to the first 10 people to order. So Don't postpone it, Order today

Mind you that Thousands of people are reading this same information right now, and are more than willing to lay their hands on our product.

This is not some marketing gimmicks, You can verify by visiting our facebook page and see how many people ready to pay for this awesome offer. 

Beware Of Fakes!

Don't waste your money on substandard products. It is actually better not buying at all than buying something that will not work for you, something that won't last.

Order now to get Premium quality!


We give you a 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

                         No Questions asked! No hard feelings


XS ((25-29)S (30-33)M (34-37)L (38-41)XL (42-44)XXL (45-47)XXXL (48-53)

To your "Figure 8" success
Yuzzy Ezeh

Your Beauty and Fitness Expert

Our Marketing office address : No 98 Mushin Road, Isolo Lagos

Call, Text or Whatsapp: 08142330050


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